Why Choose CSAware

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Online Ordering

Your members will be able to join your CSA, purchase any add-on products you offer, manage their own account — even customize their box contents if you let them. All from their computers, tablets, or smart phones. Let them save their emails for love-notes about your food!

We support multiple payment methods, including credit cards, eCheck, PayPal, paper checks, and online EBT / SNAP.

Membership Management
Our administrative interface helps make subscription management straightforward and error-free. At a glance you’ll know who owes you money, which drop sites are full, or how many people ordered chickens this week.

With CSAware all your member, order, and delivery data is downloadable, so you can slice and dice and analize it to your heart’s content.

Delivery Scheduling

Could I get my eggs next week instead of this week?” Reschedule my box to a different day or drop? Place my subscription on hold for a couple of weeks? CSAware makes scheduling changes simple and accurate.

Get harvest numbers, plan your delivery routes, print box labels and sign-in sheets — all with one click.

Financial Reporting

Keeping an eye on the bottom line keeps you in business. We offer enough financial reports to keep most bookkeepers happy.

Your bean counter is going to love it.

Auto-Customized Subscriptions

You can offer fixed-selection subscriptions, or allow your subscribers to customize their deliveries in any of a few selection modes, including BoxBot, which builds individualized boxes factoring your weekly harvest counts, target goals, and each of your members’ preferences.

The CSAware Difference

We are often asked how we distinguish ourselves from other CSA management software.

Here are a few of the things that set us apart.

What our Customers say

CSAware provides the tools to help your CSA or Food Hub thrive.

“I love the CSAware/LocalHarvest team. They are in complete service to their farmers—responsive, considerate, and timely. I have known them for many years, and they have always put the farms first. They want the farms to shine.”

“After years of doing our own billing, CSAware has allowed us to offer more with much greater ease. Their customer service is stellar, always quick to respond and helpful.”

"So much easier than our previous experience with that other software that shall not be named!!. I now spend about half the time to keep up with customer issues / weekly hic-cups as I was before"

"we have been using CSAware for 12 years now and love it, it just keeps getting better every year and the customer support is amazing!"

"CSAware has provided us with great customer service over the years. They are very responsive to the questions and challenges that come up in an ever changing business, and work with you to find solutions which both save you time and benefit the customer."

"We all consider the switch to CSAware to be a SMASHING success."

"Also, just want to say thank you for your great customer service! Thank you, thank you.”

"I just subscribed for the season and the website made it a piece of cake! It even applied a credit that I didn’t know I had! I am so excited for the new season! Keep up the good work! We appreciate you!"

“YES! YOU ROCK! YIPPIE! This makes me so happy and makes my members VERY Happy! Thank You. THANK You. Thank YOU.”

"For years, we dreamed of harnessing the power of the Internet to improve our members’ experience and more efficiently manage our CSA. LocalHarvest’s CSAware is that dream come true."

"What was just a small business a few years ago has grown, and it’s all because CSAware’s straightforward back end, user friendly experience, and the friendly help their team has to offer. CSAware is the best and most affordable service out there. We highly recommend them."

John Peterson
Angelic Organics, Caledonia, IL
Elizabeth Kaiser
Singing Frogs Farm, Northern CA
Patricia Gladney-Heatherington
Farmers Fresh CSA, Carrollton, GA
Phil Noble
Sage Mountain Farm, Anza, CA
Stacey Robert
Farmer Dave's, Dracut, MA
Marjorie Simmons
Agriberry Farm, Hanover, VA
Samantha Kaplan
GoodLifeOrganics, CA
CSA Subscriber
North Carolina
CSA Farmer
South Carolina
Tomas Nelson
Capay Valley, CA
CSA Farmer
Southern CA

Our Pricing


2% of the cost of your deliveries, with a minimum $100 per month, applicable only in months when your farm is delivering products.


We do volume discounts, with fees as low as 1% on deliveries over a set threshold.

Contact Us

Have any questions? Wonder if CSAware would be good for you? We’d love to talk! Call us at 925-639-2725. or email us at csaware@localharvest.org.

We look forward to talking with you!