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Introducing BoxBot

BoxBot factors in harvest counts, sales goals, and subscriber preferences, together with other parameters at your control, to generate individualized box contents that maximize subscriber satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Preference Based Box Builder

This new feature allows your members to indicate CSA item or product preferences (love this / avoid that).

Farmer then indicates product availability and quantities for the week.

BoxBot builds the week's CSA boxes individually, and in seconds, customized for each of your members based on your harvest and their product preferences.

You can then review the generated boxes and tweak the algorithm to generate box contents that maximize your twin goals of customer satisfaction and increased profit margins.

Once boxes are exactly like you want them, you can save and publish them.

Members can then further customize their individual boxes, as with our regular custom shares.

Concrete Measurement of Customer Satisfaction

Our Satisfaction Index measures how well are you able to match your subscribers' individual preferences.

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