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Our Story

LocalHarvest has been helping family farmers build strong businesses since we launched our national directory in 2000. We have become a trusted marketing partner for our membership of over 25,000 farms and farmers markets. And it works: over 6 million people a year come to LocalHarvest to find out where to get local food in their communities.

Our mission is to connect people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it. We provide online tools that help small farmers thrive. In 2009, seeing that our CSAs were growing, but perhaps not as fast as they might, we began building a set of administrative and e-commerce tools for CSAs and food hubs: CSAware was born.

Then we integrated CSAware with the LocalHarvest directory to give CSAware users top billing — potential members searching for local food on LocalHarvest can click directly to your online store to sign up. Those 6 million people who use LocalHarvest? A few of them will find their way to your business.

Our Commmitment

LocalHarvest and CSAware are run by a team of people who believe that family farms are cornerstones of our country’s past, present and future. We do all we can to support family farmers and help their businesses grow.

With CSAware, we make the administrative end of running a CSA smooth and straightforward. That leaves you more time to focus on growing great food, building your soil, and expanding your business.

We respect your way of doing things and your time. That’s why we have made CSAware as flexible as possible, and that’s why we’re always just a phone call away.

Run into a snag? Call us. We’re here to help. Decide to make a mid-stream change? Call us. We’ll build a bridge. All is well? Excellent. We’re still over here keeping an eye on things.

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