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The CSAware Difference

We are often asked how we distinguish ourselves from other CSA management software.

Here are a few of the things that set us apart.

1. We love to say “Sure, we can do that.”

Even though we’ve been working with CSAs for 20 years, we consider you the experts. We welcome your ideas. Many features in CSAware were proposed by our clients, including many flavors of custom boxes, bi-weekly-only drop sites, coupons, 'cash accounts', and meats sold by the pound.

We believe the software should fit the way you do business, rather than you having to change your business to fit the software. To that end, we say “yes” as often as possible, and when we can’t, we help you find a workaround that really works.

2. Your independence is important to us.

Your customers are yours, your data is yours, and your brand is never diluted. We work on the background running your systems, and will never inject ourselves as a middle man between you and your customers.

3. You drive. We ride shotgun.

We work hard to make CSAware as user-friendly as possible so you can run your business independently. We know you don’t want to sit around and wait for us to update things for you. We’re always here to help, but you get to drive.

Along with that, we firmly believe that your customers and data are YOURS. Built in to CSAware are a variety of ways you can download your members’ contact info and order histories, and all of your financial data.

Oh, and did we mention that “you drive” also means you can take CSAware with you? CSAware works great on mobile devices.

4. We’re here.

The whole point of CSAware is to help the local food movement grow. Since 1999, that has been our mission and our passion. We get up every day ready to work hard to help your business succeed.

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